How to Write Dissertation Methodology

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Dissertation has become an integral part of any degree program. Different universities in different countries have made it compulsory to submit a dissertation as a partial fulfillment of the degree program. Dissertations are designed so that students have an opportunity to practically apply knowledge and skills that they have gained through the academic career.

Dissertation is the research study based on the research objectives and research questions. One of the most important parts of any dissertation or of any research study is the methodology. The research methodology basically depicts the research methods and research techniques applied by the researcher in order to attain the desired research objectives and to answer the research questions. Author needs to understand each attribute of the research methodology, as different parts are interrelated and interdependent. This is the reason that author needs to know which part suits with which technique and what will be the outcome. Here it is critical to mention the fact that every aspect of methodology must support the overall research objectives.

There are several and numerous guidelines and principles to develop an effective methodology. However, amongst the different, the most suitable, easy to understand and applicable is the research onion. The research onion divided the different aspects of research methodology enabling the author to understand the different varieties that fall under the research techniques and research methods. It provides with alternative options, as well, so that the author could justify why he has not choose a certain technique over others.

Research onion model starts with the basics and sets the research philosophy that provides the author with the future guideline lines. Then it focuses over the core research approach by which the data will be collected and treated. The third part is to set the research strategies. From the above diagram it is apparent that there are numerous options under each category that ensures that the author is choosing the right attribute and is applying that is desirable.

The fourth part is the core choice of the research strategy followed by time horizons and then the data collection. Selection of each method and technique has to be driven from the research objectives. The core focus should be on data collection techniques, as it is the most important. The reliability and validity of research study depends over the nature of data collected.


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